Lodge is proud to be part of charities

Charity is an important part of being a freemason. Believing and participating in charitable causes is an essential quality in every freemason. You are never compelled to give but asked to give what you may feel, to help others who may need more. What you decide to give is entirely up to you.

The Masters Charity

Each year the Worshipful master nominates a charity which the Lodge will support. Donations to that charity will be made in an annual sum to support their work. We are very proud to contribute towards the charities listed below.

We also support masonic charities by way of collecting for festivals. Members may do special acts like organise a walk, sponsor a barbeque, or a bike ride in order to raise funds for a charity.

In the past we have supported

If you would like to know about the great work of the masonic charities please click below.

Masonic Charitable Foundation. www.mcf.org.uk

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution. www.rmbi.org.uk

2020 festival. www.the2020festival.co.uk